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REAL REAL Q & A with Pumi C. Actual Patient WHY DID YOU DECIDE ON A MOMMY MAKEOVER? After I gained 55 pounds from my pregnancy, I worked hard to drop the weight. However, the stretch marks and loose area in my midsection didn’t look appealing and I lost volume in my breasts. I researched several board certified plastic surgeons in the Houston area and Dr. Basu appeared to be one of the top notch, if not the best. With his credentials as a national leader in the field and being a graduate of Princeton University, he caught my attention. After meeting with him and his friendly staff, I found out he’s every bit of a perfectionist as me. He was also very thorough with his answers and made me feel confident about my decision for a mommy makeover. HOW HAS YOUR MOMMY MAKEOVER CHANGED YOUR LIFE? My mommy makeover was just the first step in my transformation. Seeing my results made me feel empowered to know that I am in control of my own body. I became focused on my nutrition and fitness and I completely changed my lifestyle. Even now when I’m not competing in a fitness event, I love maintaining my results by being active. I have more confidence looking in the mirror and actually like what I see. WOULD YOU RECOMMEND THE PROCEDURE TO FRIENDS? Yes, definitely! And don’t look back. However, I do hope they do it for themselves. Several times I hear women say “Oh my bf or husband wants me to do this...” which isn’t the best reason. Do it for yourself so you can look and feel your best. You only have one body. Be in control of it. Life is too short not to be the best version of yourself. Also, have realistic expectations. Your life isn’t going to change drastically after surgery. It all starts with your mind. Have a good attitude, be positive, research and ask ques-tions and pick an outstanding plastic surgeon like Dr. Basu and start your transformation to a better you. Photo by: Natalie Minh C. Bob Basu, MD, MPH, FACS Board Certified Plastic Surgeon HOUSTON • CYPRESS • KATY • THE WOODLANDS

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